The disrespect of the Central Registration Office and Civil Registration Offices of legal deadlines regarding acts of registration has overcome all acceptable limits.

            There are processes that should have been processed in 10 business days and are pending for over one year and, in some cases, over two years.

            Our tolerance towards this situation did not allow us to solve any of the problems, and is, from our point of view, the main cause for its worsening.

            As per our internal statistics, the cost/time of the follow up of processes has increase at least ten times, and in some cases fifty times.

            The accumulated delays on Portuguese nationality processes and civil registration processes, handled by our office overcome 2300 years which reduces, in an absolute unfair way, the income of our lawyers and implicates additional costs that no one is held accountable.

            Therefore, in this picture, this means a loss of monthly income that affects not only lawyers and law firm, but the State itself, by the inefficiency of the public services, seeing a reduction of the chargeable taxes.

            Because we are on the domain of fundamental rights and Portuguese Constitution assures effective judicial protection, we decide to take judicial proceedings against Central Registration Office and Civil Registration offices that may have blatantly violated the rules regarding legal deadlines.

            Furthermore, we propose to take judicial proceedings against the same public services to compensate the damages and losses that those delays have caused to our clients.

            The judicial proceedings shall have a reduced additional cost.

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Lisbon, 5th of February of 2018




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