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The underage or legally unfit children of either Portuguese parent who have acquired the Portuguese citizenship are eligible to apply for the Portuguese citizenship.


This scenario is relevant to:


-        Underage or legally unfit children of the naturalised Portuguese citizens;

-        Underage or legally unfit children of the adopted;

-        Underage or legally unfit children of those who have obtained the Portuguese citizenship through marriage.


This rule is only valid whilst the applicant is underage.

Necessary documents


-        Birth Certificate of the applicant

-        Birth Certificate of the Portuguese parent with the acquisition of the citizenship annotated on it

-        Document proving the foreign citizenship of the applicant

-        If the applicant is over 16, the criminal clearance issued by the country where he was born, from where he holds his citizenship and of all countries he has ever lived after turning 16 years old, with the respective translation if not issued in Portuguese.

-        Portuguese criminal clearance if the applicant is over 16. (This document may be obtained compulsorily by the Portuguese government, yet we advise it previous presentation by the applicant in order to gain time).

-        Form Mod 2

-        Powers of Attorney if the application is to be submitted by our lawyers, signed by the legal representatives of the applicant.