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15.1.            There will be the transcription of the marriage if the wedding was celebrated before the authorities of the Republic of India or any other foreign country.

15.2.            In order to instruct the application for transcription of the marriage, the applicant shall gather the following documents:

15.2.1.      Birth Certificate of the applicant;

15.2.2.      Birth Certificate of the spouse[1];

15.2.3.      Marriage Certificate;                         The certificates shall be legalised by a Portuguese Consulate in India[2] or in the country where the wedding took place or certified with the Apostille of Hague[3].

[1] If the spouse was born in the territory of the former Portuguese State of India, before 3rd June 1875, he is portuguese citizen, therefore the integration of his birth shall also be applied for


[2] Check note 110


[3] Check note 111. If the wedding was celebrated outside India, the Apostille that shall be stamped it the one issued by the authorities of the country where the wedding was celebrated.