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The Portuguese citizens who, during the effectiveness of previous laws have lost of the Portuguese citizenship due to the fact they have obtained other citizenship (Act 2098 of 29th July 1059), may re-obtain the Portuguese citizenship through a statement when the definitive registration of the loss of the citizenship has been annotated on the records of the Portuguese Civil Register Office (Article 31, 1, b of the Nationality Act and article 67 of the Nationality Regulations).


Necessary documents


If the applicant chooses to submit with application through the Form Mod. 31

-       Fill in the Form Mod 31

-       Birth Certificate

If the applicant chooses to give his declaration in person at the Portuguese Civil Register Office

-       Birth Certificate of the applicant

The form filling as much its signature may be done through a lawyer.


If the application is to be submitted by one of our lawyers, it will be necessary Powers of Attorney.