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The Nationality Act establishes that the Government shall grant the naturalisation, with exemption of the requirements, established by subsection b and c of section 1, to the persons who once have had the Portuguese citizenship, and then have lost it, without obtaining any other citizenship after that.


Necessary documents


-       Application addressed to the Minister of Justice containing the following elements:

o   Full name, date of birth, marital status, place of birth, citizenship, name of parents, profession, current address and indication of the countries he has lived previously;

o   Full name and address of the legal representatives or attorneys, if the applicant is legally unfit;

o   Number, date and issuing authority of the Residence Permit, passport or equivalent identification document, as much of the legal representatives or attorney if it is the case.

o   The authenticated signature of the applicant. The authentication is exempt if the applicant signs the application in front of a worker of the public department where he is going to submit it. When the attorney is a lawyer or a solicitor, it is only necessary to indicate his professional registration number in order to confirm his signature

·         The application shall inform the circumstances which determined the loss of the Portuguese citizenship.

-       Birth Certificate of the applicant

-       Documents issued by the countries to which the applicant has relevant links (the country where he was born, the countries where he has ever lived and the country where his parents come from) to prove that he has never obtained another citizenship, with their  translation if they were not issued in Portuguese

-       Criminal Clearance issued by the country where the applicant was born, from where he holds his citizenship and of all countries he has ever lived after turning 16 years old, with the respective translation if not issued in Portuguese. The applicant is exempt of presenting the Portuguese Criminal Clearance, since it may be obtained compulsorily by the Portuguese government, yet we advise it previous presentation by the applicant in order to gain time.

In some special cases, the Minister of Justice may exempt the applicant to provide any of the documents that shall instruct the application, as long as there are no doubts concerning to meeting the requirements that such document was supposed to prove.