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The foreign citizen who, on the date of the declaration, is in a civil partnership for over three year years to a Portuguese citizen, may apply for the Portuguese citizenship.


Necessary documents


-        Birth Certificate of the applicant

-        Birth Certificate of the Portuguese partner

-        Court decision recognising the civil partnership

-        Document proving the foreign citizenship of the applicant, with the respective translation if not issued in Portuguese.

-        Criminal Clearance issued by the country where the applicant was born, from where he holds his citizenship and of all countries he has ever lived after turning 16 years old, with the respective translation if not issued in Portuguese. (The applicant is exempt of presenting the Portuguese Criminal Clearance, since it may be obtained compulsorily by the Portuguese government, yet we advise it previous presentation by the applicant in order to gain time).

-        Document proving the nature of the public function or that he has served the army due to legal obligation. The presentation of such documents is only necessary if the applicant fits in these situations.

-        Form Mod 3

-        Powers of Attorney if the application is to be submitted by our lawyers.