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Children of Portuguese citizens, born abroad may apply for the attribution of Portuguese citizenship, as long as, through the registration of their birth at the Portuguese Civil Registration Office or through statement in which they declare they want to be Portuguese citizens, expressing their will to have their native Portuguese citizenship recognised.

The right to the attribution of Portuguese citizenship cannot be abdicated and may be performed at any time, through manifestation of his will, expressed by one of the following.

Necessary documents

1.    Birth Certificate of the Portuguese parent

2.    Birth Certificate of Applicant

3.    Certified copy of ID/Passport of the Applicant

4.    If you hire us to submit your application on your behalf, Powers of Attorney giving us powers to represent you in the procedure.

5.    Form – Sample 1C

6. A power of attornay

Additional Registrations

 Taking into account what is established by the Article 1 of the Portuguese Civil Registration Code, the applicants shall promote the registration of all civil life events that are compulsory to be registered by the Portuguese citizens, according to the Portuguese law, which, among others, are:

Registration of marriage of Portuguese citizen celebrated abroad;
Registration of death of Portuguese citizens;
Registration of divorce of Portuguese citizens;
The divorces determined by foreign Courts shall be reviewed and confirmed by a Portuguese Court