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In this chapter, will be sought to list all procedures that are judged to be suitable to regularise the records of the Portuguese citizens born in the former State of India, using the methodology of the practical situations.
It is important to point out that the citizens here referred to (and who are, essentially, those informed below) are Portuguese citizens by operation of law.
Nevertheless, the evidence of the nationality is given through the birth record which, for this reason, has an instrumental role in the proof of the nationality .
Basically, there are three ways to register the birth of the citizens born in the former State of India:
a) Integration of the birth record processed by the Portuguese authorities;
b) Transcription of the record processed by the Indian authorities;
c) Inscription of the birth in the Portuguese Civil Register Office.
It is important to mention that, in the moment of the processing of the birth record, shall be requested compulsory registration acts, under article 1 of the Civil Registration Code.
The situations listed below are not absolutely exhaustive, having a practical function, being purely indicative.